Get It Right Work Related Expenses in the ATO's Sights

The ATO has commenced in education program along with random audits of taxpayers claiming work related expenses.

With over 22 billion dollars in work related deductions in the 2017 financial year the tax Commissioner Chris Jordan said that the tax gap caused by taxpayers overclaiming work related expenses could be as high as 2.5 billion dollars. Random audits completed over the last 18 months have identified the following types of errors

-personal deductions with no connection to the individuals work

- over claiming deductions and

-not being able to substantiate their expense deductions

The message from the ATO is clear, get it right. Data matching and cross referencing technology by the ATO has become quite sophisticated and will flag high risk tax payers.

If you have any concerns about your claims last year contact us to review them for you. We can lodge an amendment to correct your tax return should we find any errors and help you ensure you avoid any penalties.