Personal Income Tax, Foreign Tax, Capital Gains Tax, GST… the list goes on. The various tax regimes change so frequently that keeping up with the latest rules can be difficult. The simplest way to ensure that you keep up to date is to enlist the help of a Registered Tax Agent.

Business Tax

Your company is unique, just like your tax needs and it is important to make sure you are always tax compliant. Looking after your business tax return is one of the most important tasks for an accountant. We work closely with Sole Traders, Partnerships, Companies and Family Trusts to ensure their business is compliant and achieving the best possible tax outcomes.

AF Tax will work with you to create the best tax plan for your business. Tax is about the details in the numbers, we find them to make sure your tax obligations are always up to standard.

We provide commercial tax advice when:

  • You’re buying or selling or starting a new business

  • You want to buy new equipment for your business

  • Need finance for new equipment

  • When you need to change your business entity

  • Pre EOFY checks

  • Deciding on your GST registration

  • You take on employees

  • You engage subcontractors

Individual Tax Planning
We are motivated by the challenge of finding as many tax deductions as possible when it comes to both business and personal tax returns. After all, it could be the difference between a trip to Hawaii, or holiday at the in-law’s house.

We provide expert tax advice on investment properties and share portfolios. To ensure you make the most out of your salary and investments now and in the future.

We have proven success in assisting clients with a wide range of salary levels in preparing and lodging tax returns that achieve the best possible outcome and advise you on how to legally minimise your tax bills.

Self-managed Super Funds

While for some retirement may seem a while away the decisions you make about your super can have a massive impact on what age you retire, and how comfortable your life after work will be.

Many Australians are choosing to set up Self-managed Super Funds. A SMSF is much more personalised and gives you greater control over your investment strategies than your regular superannuation providers.

If you want to set up a SMSF or need assistance in managing your current fund AF Tax can provide you with the expert advice and the support you need.


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